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six short videos for a social media campaign ...

Click on a title below to watch a testimonial about Canada's broken social services and why we need a basic income.

Domestic Violence and Basic Income.tiff

00:01:37          Natalie

Minimum Wage and Basic Income.tiff

00:01:27          Tyra

Caregivers and Basic Income.jpg

00:01:39          Nancy

Disability and Basic Income.jpg

00:00:57         Tracey

Precarious Life and Basic Income.tiff

00:01:24          Christine

Social Assistance or Basic income.tiff

00:01:14          Moira

Domestic Violence and Basic Income - str
Precarious Life and Basic Income - stree
ODSP and Basic Income - trapped.tiff
Minimum Wage and Basic Income - rent.tif
Social Assistance or Basic income - livi
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